Music and Noise

If you can’t tell from the drone picture, we are rather close to our neighbors. One of which (a famous author who works from home) is sensitive to music when she is trying to write. You may look at google map's street view and see a recent but much older version of the house and realize we had contractors on site for months. But it wasn’t the hammer or drill - it was the contractor's jazz music that caused a stir in the neighborhood (and a $20,000+ sound barrier). As such, we require music and noise be at lower levels at all times and insist that the deck never become a dance floor - we are simply not an event space. Frankly, by playing loud music or being unneighborly, you risk the shut down of the property as a rental and put our income stream in jeopardy - forever. Our local council does not have the ability to investigate all complaints, and as a result, rental properties are being shut down in mass along our coast at the very first complaint. Therefore, sound and video monitors are installed in and around the house and should sound levels surpass the set levels, all power to the house will cease - you will agree to leave immediately - forfeiting all fees.


We are NOT an event space, we are your home away from home.

Large garden parties on the lawn are tempting, and we get asked about weddings all the time - but they are simply not an option. That said we are a perfect home for a Girlfriend Getaway, a Yoga Retreat, a Round Number Birthday, Mother’s Day, a Family Reunion, a place for the Mother of the Bride to ready her daughter for a wedding & reception events that can be held at other locations. Friendscations and Honeymoons are perfect at Barellen, just read the noise regulations above, so you are aware of issues with bringing the after party back to the house.

You’ll notice the house is pretty elaborately - Pretty. So blokes if you’re looking for a bucks night or fishing trip, this isn’t your party hangout - we’ve just not had any good reviews about this type of event, so it’s best to share that with you now.


Ring™ Door Bell - You are being recorded

This smart doorbell also rings to the house, but also to the property managers cell phone with live video. All motion or action is recorded at the doors and perimeter of the building. Yes, you and your guests are being recorded.

Trash Day is Wed (usually early Wed sometimes later in the day).

We ask that you put your bins out on Tuesday nite and collect them on Wednesday afternoon after the trash is collected. Green rubbish is kept in the cabinet to the left of the sink - and this is collected every week. There are two large 30 gallon galvanized bins - one under the kitchen desk and one by the kitchen door for red and yellow bin waste - removal of this material alternates each week - it’s best to watch the neighbors as they’ve worked this system out.

The house managers can assist with extra trash removal needs and associated fees as needed. Please make those arrangements with them directly by discussing this prior or calling: 02 6654 1148.

Should you be more of a DIY there are garbage tips nearby: The closest is the Woolgoolga Transfer Station located at 11 Willis Road, Woolgoolga. Tho they are only open Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park is located at 31a Englands Road, Coffs Harbour, (02) 6648 4580 and are open Mon - Fri: 7.30am to 5:00pm. Weekends/Public Holidays: 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The windows are key locked

We ask that you make sure the house is closed upon your departure and that all keys remain in the windows at all times. Removal of a key in the window will result in fees to replace them - there are no duplicates, and the keys are unique to each window.

Remember you’ll be responsible for missing items after you depart so please make sure the house is locked up tight!

We’re sorry, but the owner is allergic to pets and to smoke residues

Bringing pets is never approved, and the cleaning fees for pets, pests, and smoke would be astronomical for you to pay on your departure. There is one vintage ashtray that you can take outside - it should be in the drawers to the left of the kitchen door. Please be sure not to put the butts into the indoor trash bins, please splash them with water and put them into the red bin outside - we are most grateful for your willpower. We have never needed to have the house sanitized but can’t imagine the cost you’d incur. Our best advice is don’t sneak it inside.

Barellen 5c Lounge Room DSC_6660.jpg

There is a fireplace, but it’s not approved for use

We hope this is temporary. We are exploring the fire risks at this time - as such, and for the time being, the fireplace is forbidden, and any use of it will result in serious fees if not legal action. Sorry to get heated about this.

Barellen is managed by www.CardoWoolgoolga.com.au the Holiday Accommodation Team at Cardow & Partners are more than happy to assist you in any way. They are contactable in the office from Monday – Friday during office hours (9am-5pm) on 026654 1148 or on Saturday (9am – 12pm). If you find yourself needing to contact them out of these hours the members of the Holiday Accommodation Team officers are more happy to take your call;

0417 418 187 (Property Manager)

0488 266 368 (Property Manager)

0447 284 595 (Property Officer)


The host/owners have relatives (Mike Anderson - is the brother of the owner) who lives 6 houses away and can be reached for emergencies by texting: 04 0268 6241. Mike is also the local kitesurfing pro and might gladly take you out if you ask. And you’ll notice the neighbours are very helpful. Annie and Bimel to the north are particularly kind - she will likely stop by and try to make new friends - PROTIP: You’ll be lucky if you get invited for dinner.

Last Resort Emergency Contact is our Contractor who lives nearby* - Simon Chaseling // 04 0842 8573 / email: hbuilding@outlook.com

Emergency Services // Please contact: 000

Woolgoolga Police Station // contact: 02 6654 1244 / 22 Beach St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

The host and owners of Barellen may be reached at Host@Barellen.com.au, and while it may take a while to respond to your note, they would be glad for any feedback or advice to make for a better experience with the home or the associated team.

Barellen has a gardener who may stop by the house while you are there - her name is Barbara. She’ll tend to the garden’s out front, the herb garden by the kitchen door, and the deck plantings but will work to stay out of your way as much as possible. She will have access to the garage and may need to use the restroom from time to time. Contact Barbara* // 04 1054 4197 / email: clipandclear@outlook.com

Lawns are mowed, and whipper-snippered, and the decks are blown/vacuumed on every other Thursdays or Saturdays - if you need to ensure the lawn care doesn’t impact your experience, please work with the Cardow Representatives to manage this*. It is usually possible to cancel the work, but not to reschedule it easily. If you need the deck cleaned, there are brooms and supplies in the closet under the staircase.

Should you find any maintenance is required at the property during your stay, please contact Cardow & Partners to report. We are happy to arrange for repairs to occur during your stay, however, if it is something you wish to wait for after your departure we are happy to do so as long as there is no danger which is likely to arise. In case of maintenance emergency during office hours, please contact the office first. But after hours contact these trades:

Emergency Plumber No. 1* - Burnett Plumbing // 0428 538 508 / email: ErnieB@burnettcivil.com.au

Emergency Plumber No. 2* - Owen Nott // 0415 708 329 / email: tapsnorthwest@live.com.au

Emergency Electrician* - Col Blackburn // 0407 245 499/ email: col.blackburn@bigpond.com

Barellen is self-catering and as such is not serviced during your stay. We have provided you with an initial supply of cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent, sponge, a broom mop & bucket and vacuum cleaner, etc. Please note a regular house cleaner does visit the property after every stay. However, you are required to leave the premise clean, neat & tidy. Should you have any complaints concerning the cleanliness of the property, please contact the Cardow & Partners office to discuss your concerns.

Emergency or Additional House Cleaning is available at your expense thru* - Glen & Karen // 04 2213 5119 / email: gkcleaning@westnet.com.au

The windows are cleaned twice a year. If you require an additional window cleaning* please contact Len Todd // 0412 229 426 / https://www.cccw.com.au / email: enquiries@cccw.com.au

*All fees other than the general care of the home needed before your arrival, will be at your costs payable by you. There are no accounts to bill Barellen hosts for your individual needs.