Renters Tips

Here are some helpful details that will help you decide if Barellen is your perfect holiday, and some information on the house that might make your stay all the better. Enjoy!



We sleep 10 people comfortably & up to 17 people in a pinch.

Ten to 14 people will sleep in a brand new firm, pillow top, imported mattresses of the highest quality.

Two - in the King Bed - Master Suite
Two - in the King Bed - Coral Room
Two - in the Queen Bed - Surfer Room
Two to Four - in the Double Bed - Pirate Bunk Room
Two to Four - in the Double Bed - Bird Bunk Room

Using the sofa bed in the office for 2 more people. And using the single mattress covered bench at the end of the bed in the Coral Room, (which can be put on the floor or left where it is and is great for a small child), puts us at 17 on mattresses with bedding at a maximum. Our kitchen can serve and seat up to 16 people comfortably. And so 16-17 people is the limit of the number of people we can host! And when all three of the tables (the kitchen table is on wheels) are rolled out to the deck and lined up, we can seat a maximum of 18.


We are not even close to toddler protected.

Everything you see in the house is not glued down. We (the hosts) live here - this is our home, and we only rent Barellen out when we are planning not to be here. Since we host our friends and family here often, what we can tell you is that all of the things in the house will seem to be fragile or sharp. If you have a toddler or young child who is all about exploring every little corner lifting every single object, you will spend all of your time chasing them around praying nothing breaks - just the number of vintage croquet balls we bill renters for each year is staggering. You’re welcome to try, but our experience has shown young mums are never fully relaxed here. We are indeed a place for an older family or group of adults.

A Sonos system is in place for you to enjoy - but don’t try to use the internet to download music files

Music is always part of enjoying a vacation holiday, to facilitate that we have installed four Sono’s speakers around the house. Please download the sono’s app before your arrival and DO NOT rely on Safety Beach’s Telstra services to stream or download your music from the cloud after you arrive - the WiFi is strong, but the internet here is still third world here - the local data speeds are shown on here on a good day! So please download your music files to your device before you arrive. Here is how to do that with Spotify and with Pandora. You’ll then play these files locally thru the Sono’s app directly from your WiFi-enabled, app ready, device. If you need technical help - Sono’s has a help center that you can reach here. And that’s pretty much the limit of our technical abilities. If you need more help or assurances that your music will play on demand, we suggest you engage a genius tech prior - we did, and we frankly don’t mess with it now that it’s set up! Be sure to read our policies on noise levels!

The internet may be third world, but the WiFI is strong.

Passwords are in the framed signs around the house and in each bedroom.


There is one TV in the media room, but no services have been added, & we have no video games.

And we like it this way. We only have basic TV, and there will be no complaining about it… go outside and explore something, you’re on holiday after all! For example…

You are able to hire stand up paddle boards & surfboard from the local surf shops 

Coopers Surf Woolgoolga // 02 6654 0033 / / 82 Beach St, Woolgoolga

XS Surf Woolgoolga // 02 6654 1049 / / 76 Beach St, Woolgoolga

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.44.44 AM.png

We are NOT an event space, we are your home away from home.

Large garden parties on the lawn are tempting, and we get asked about weddings all the time - but they are simply not an option. That said we are a perfect home for a Girlfriend Getaway, a Yoga Retreat, a Round Number Birthday, Mother’s Day, a Family Reunion, a place for the Mother of the Bride to ready her daughter for a wedding & reception events that can be held at other locations. Friendscations and Honeymoons are perfect at Barellen, just read the noise regulations above, so you are aware of issues with bringing the after party back to the house.

You’ll notice the house is pretty elaborately - Pretty. So blokes if you’re looking for a bucks night or fishing trip, this isn’t your hangout - we’ve just not had any good reviews about this type of event, so it’s best to share that with you now.


We’ll give you a luxe welcome!

You’ll have a propane tank for the BBQ and one for the fire pit. One set of luxe of linens for your stay. Towels for the bath, and Turkish Floutas for the sun chairs and the sand. A good supply of dishwashing soap and the basics for a laundry run or two. Of course a welcome kit of soaps for each bathroom. And likely there will be coffee and tea, salt and spices but it’s up to the generosity of the people here before you. We’re not a hotel, and your daily supplies will really be up to you.

We have found the guests are happier bringing: Your own hairdryer, slippers, eyeshades for sleeping, your own soaps, shampoos, or laundry care for your own skin regimen & scent requirements for more extended stays and let’s face it, your coffee and tea preferences are as unique as you are!

Have your groceries delivered just after you expect to arrive!

Besides tea & coffee supplies (BTW we are a french press coffee making household without a grinder at the moment), don’t forget personal supplies like suntan lotion, bug spray, toilet paper, your laundry, or trash bag needs - we’ll get you started, but you’ll likely find you’ll need what you need when you need it and preparation is after all the key to genuinely relaxing!

Woolworths delivers groceries - tho they do not cold ice their delivery bags so be aware of your delivery windows on hot days. It’s best to do this several days in advance so you can choose the right delivery window for your arrival. There is an Eski that can be put out front for deliveries but chances are the delivery person won’t clue into that as a solution without a sign and a tip!

Dan Murphy’s delivers the beverages that you’d need for a celebration! Give them 7-10 days advance ordering to get a delivery to you.

Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s CoOp delivers - Fish of course! It does require some planning, so do this well in advance. And we often drive in so we’re curious about if this service is helpful - do let us know!


Ice & Freezer space sort of…

It may look like a side by side fridge & freezer set up in the kitchen, but it’s actually two refrigerators. There is a small freezer in the pantry with reusable ice cubes. Separately on the shelf is a small ice maker that must be emptied after each batch or the results will thaw. We suggest that you limit the amount of frozen food you order (stick to ice cream and frozen treats) and plan on buying any drinking or esky ice from Woolworths. There are two eskys on site. One small blue one on wheels for beach trips, and one large gray one for serious deck side beverage support.


We cook and entertain here a lot!

The owner of Barellen is a Master of Wine, and her husband is a home chef. So you’ll find the kitchen well stocked with all the tool, glassware and kitted out with all the bits and bobs you’d need to host an elegant dinner. From a brass champagne tub, and vintage wine bucket stand, to 40 salad plates & 40 wine glasses for a cocktail fete, to a truffle shaver we probably have what you’re in need of. If you have questions ask.

Many of our finer pieces and larger party supplies are tucked away but are available for additional fees when you work with a catering team. Things like Moroccan tea glasses, the large but delicate clam plates you see here, we have a giant set of white tajines to use for dramatic table presentations, 40 or more sweet little brass shell place cards holders, finer linens and service.

There is a large laundry room that should suit all your needs.

The laundry room is just off the lounge. There is a laundry shoot from the Master Bath’s cabinets above that is often filled with past guests treasures - don’t forget to check this before you go! In this room, you’ll find a utility sink, an extra large washing machine, a small dryer, a giant ironing board and iron, and an outdoor patio with a Hills Hoist. This is also where you’ll find a few extra beach chairs and umbrellas, your outdoor towels, and perhaps some blowup water toys - enjoy them!

Barellen 5c Lounge Room DSC_6660.jpg

There is a fireplace, but it’s not approved for use.

We hope this is temporary. We are exploring the fire risks at this time - as such, and for the time being, the fireplace is forbidden, and any use of it will result in serious fees if not legal action. Sorry to get heated about this.

Barellen 2c Beach Side Deck - Outdoor Dining DSC_6488.jpg

You are going to use tea lights by the carton load.

Before you run out and order your tea lights, be sure to check the fire threat levels here:

There are two outdoor double tiered tea light chandeliers, another over the bathtub in the master suite and dozens of indoor and outdoor hurricanes and candle holders. We highly suggest you bring a case of them and matches, (which always seem to be in short supply) to fully enjoy the ambiance that is possible at Barellen. Add them to your shopping cart delivery at Woolworths here.


Yes there is an Insinkerator.

We’ve been told it’s one of 3 in the entire region - another rarity at Barellen. We’re going to encourage you to use the bins of course, but the disposal is excellent for the scraps that just aren’t worth the effort. Please keep the silverware out of the grinder, and please no candle wax or fats that would clog the pipes.

Patrolled beaches

The Coffs Harbour coastline stretches over more than 60 kilometres featuring a total of 32 beaches from Bonville in the south to Red Rock in the north. Below is some information on each patrolled beach within the City:

Park Beach: Park Beach is Coffs Harbour's main patrolled beach, serviced by Professional Lifeguards and Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club. Park Beach is patrolled all-year round, Monday – Sunday from 1st July 2013 until 20th September 2013, Monday – Friday from 23rd September until 25th April 2014 & Monday – Sunday from 28th April 2014 until 30th June 2014.

Woolgoolga Beach: Is serviced by Coffs Harbour City Council's Professional Lifeguards and Woolgoolga Surf Lifesaving Club. Woolgoolga is protected from the South and frequently experiences little to no surf, it is considered the area’s most child-friendly open beach. It is patrolled Monday-Friday while Woolgoolga Surf Life Saving Club patrol weekends and public holidays.

Emerald Beach: Emerald Beach is located approximately 18 kilometres north of Coffs Harbour. It is patrolled by Coffs Harbour City Council's Professional Lifeguards 7-days per week during the Christmas School Holidays.

Corindi Beach: Corindi Beach is a patrolled beach serviced by Coffs Harbour City Council's Professional Lifeguards 7-days per week during the NSW Christmas School Holidays. Please be aware that this service may vary and it is best to contact the Corindi caravan park.

Red Rock: Red Rock Beach is Coffs Harbour's northernmost patrolled beach. Council lifeguards service Red Rock Beach Monday-Friday during the Christmas School Holidays while Red Rock Surf Life Saving Club patrol weekends and public holidays over the entire surf season.

Emergencies & House Care

Barellen is managed by: the Holiday Accommodation Team at Cardow & Partners are more than happy to assist you in any way. They are contactable in the office from Monday – Friday during office hours (9am-5pm) on 026654 1148 or on Saturday (9am – 12pm). If you find yourself needing to contact us out of these hours the members of the Holiday Accommodation Team officers are more happy to take your call; 

0417 418 187 (Property Manager) 
0488 266 368 (Property Manager) 
0447 284 595 (Property Officer)

More information on how the house runs and who to call for what can be found here.

BANK - Banana Coast Community Credit Union // 02 6690 4400 / 68 Beach St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

BANK - Commonwealth Bank // 13 22 21 / 6 Woolgoolga Creek Rd, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

BANK - National Australian Bank // 13 22 65 / 56 Beach Street, Woolgoolga NSW

BIN COLLECTION – Bin Collection Area A // 1800 265 495 // //


CENTRELINK // 13 24 68

CHEMIST - Woolgoolga Coastal Chemist // 02 6654 1893 / Beach Street, Woolgoolga

CHIMNEY SWEEP – Hanso’s Chimney Sweep // (02) 6653 8431 /

CRIMESTOPPERS // 1800 333 000

DFAT EMERGENCY // 1300 555 135


HEALTHDIRECT // 1800 022 222

KIDS HELP LINE // 1800 551 800

LAUNDROMAT - Blue Water Laundry // 0411 565 202 / Wharf St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

LIFELINE // 13 11 14

MEDICAL CENTRES - Beach St Medical Centre // 02 6654 1282 / 49 Beach St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

MEDICAL CENTRES - Coffs Harbour Base Hospital // 02 6656 7000 / 345 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

MEDICARE // 1800 132 468

MY AGED CARE // 1800 200 422

MYGOV // 132 307




SCAMWATCH // 1300 795 995

SES // 12 25 00

SOLICITOR – Gillian Sward // 6654 8357 // // 5 Ocean Drive, Safety Beach, NSW 2456

VETERINARIAN - Pacific Vet Care // (02)6654 2600 / 10 Hawke Dr, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

VICTIMS SUPPORT LINE // 1800 633 063

Guest Services

We get asked all kinds of questions but here are the most commonly requested services our guests seem to require.


TRANSPORTATION - Action Hire Vehicles - Stuart & Suzie Jonklass // 0427 003 242 / email:

TAXI - Woolgoolga Taxi Services // 02 6654 1273 call 2-3 days prior to arrange for airport pick ups. Cars are usually small so be sure to detail out the number of people and expected bags.

TAXI - Coffs Harbour Taxi Service – 131 008

RENTAL - Budget Car & Truck Rental // 02 6651 4994 / Airport Terminal, Coffs Harbour Airport, Coffs Harbour NSW

RENTAL - Thrifty Car Hire // 02 6652 8622 / Airport Terminal Building, Coffs Harbour Airport, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

RIDESHARE - Go Buggy // 1300462844


Spare Chef Catering
Corey De Silva
02 6651 7121


Fiasco Catering
Stefano Mezzina & Alex Hawkins
02 6621 2006


The Platter Effect
Markell Hughes
0430 115 095


Sugar Plum Cakes & Desserts
Amanda Schenk
0401 864 528


The Sugar Kitchen
Samantha Mountstephen
0412 189 499

CELEBRANT - Alison Bartlett // 0402 527 955 //
CELEBRANT - Clare Bath // 0414 670 842 // 
CELEBRANT - David Fahey // 0435 376 118  //   
CELEBRANT - Ebbs and Flows // Jo Burgess // 0419 423 399  //   

PHOTOGRAPHER - Adam Ward Photography // 0412 717 278 / email:
PHOTOGRAPHER - Moore Photography // 0408 404 760 (David) / email:  
PHOTOGRAPHER - Light Pictures - Matt Osborne // 0424 267 285 /email:
PHOTOGRAPHER - Claire Searle Photography // 0432 213 397 / email:

VIDEOGRAPHER - Bath time Productions - Matt & Clare Bath // 0408 532 826 / email:
VIDEOGRAPHER - The Design Patrol - Matt & Tash // 0423 510 009 / email:

FLORIST - Flowers by Bonnie - Bonnie McGovern // 02 6643 2160 / email:

HAIR & MAKEUP - Harlow Hair & Beauty - Carmel Kestles // 0476 574 074 / 0413 903 407 / email: